ENGR2330 - Intro to Mechanical Prototyping


Underactuated Hand - Team Wonk



Brendan Quinlivan - Dante Santos - Janaki Perera - Jeffrey Holzgrafe

Solidworks Motion Simulation

A solidworks motion simulation of our hand closing in on a ball

Preliminary Hand Testing

Several videos of preliminary testing of our mechanical hand

Weight - 5 lb Dumbbell

Dexterity - Plastic Easter Egg

Dexterity - Key

Final Competition

Some videos from the Final Competition where our hand was successfully able to grasp, raise, twist and replace: a ball bearing(5/16" in diameter), a basketball, a key, a grain of rice, an ice cube, a paperback book, a 5 pound dumbbell and an easter egg.

Size - Basketball

Dexterity - Ice Cube