Intro to Mechanical Prototyping


Course Description


ENGR2330 - Introduction to Mechanical Prototyping is an elective course with no prerequisites that can be taken by any interested Olin student. Though it has a distinctly mechanical flavor, the course has been taken by ECE's, BioE's, and many other non-mechanical engineers in the past.

This course is all about learning to build things. Through a series of accelerated design projects, we will learn to design, build, and debug mechanical systems. We will cover multiple different fabrication approaches including sheet metal, 3D printing, molding rigid and compliant polymers, and long fiber-reinforced plastics. In addition to hands-on fabrication experience, students will learn and master the technical communication of mechanical design through design reports and professional engineering drawing practices.

Course Staff


Professor: Aaron Hoover
Office: 331 Milas Hall
Office Hours: By appointment

NINJA (Spring 2014): Katherine Stegner

Example Work